Lapsang Souchong – Natural black tea

Black tea smoked over a pine fire, its special feature is that it has a slightly smoky taste. This tea was born in Xingcun village by accident. Due to time constraints, fresh leaves were dried over pine and cypress trees. Since then, this technique has been continuously refined.

It retains its quality for 3 years, in a metal box for even longer!

Preparation: 100 ° C and 2 minutes soaking time, maximum 3-5 minutes, then more characteristic taste

Packaging: 100g

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3,490 Ft15,690 Ft

Province of China

Thousands of years ago, China discovered tea drinking, and everything we know about tea cultivation today comes from China, the country of the high-lying tea-growing region. It is the largest tea producer in the world.

Black tea has a significant degree of oxidation. During fermentation, the tea leaves are spread out and aerated, so that the tea leaves go through an oxidation process that darkens their color, aromatic substances start up and the characteristic taste of black tea is created. Black tea contains caffeine, which has a positive effect on our physical and mental health. Black tea contains less caffeine than coffee, is absorbed more slowly, so it does not suddenly burden the heart, tannic acid is present in other forms, which makes the physiological effect of tea more favorable.

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