Lung Ching – Natural green tea

Westlake Lung Ching, also known as Xi Hu Long Jing, is from a prime Chinese tea region.

This high-quality tea comes from the so-called “inner circle”, where the highest quality teas are made.

Each processing step is done by hand, which requires a lot of experience and can only be done by the best tea masters. Care must be taken during preparation so that the tea leaves do not burn at high temperatures when they are roasted.

In terms of value for money, we can say that this is a rare opportunity to taste Lung Ching from the “inner circle”.


Preparation method:

Dosage: for 1 cup: 1 teaspoon of tea mixture

Soaking time: 1 minute

Preparation: 70 C°

Ingredients: quality Chinese green tea

It preserves its quality: for 3 years, in a metal box, in a place free from moisture and protected from light.

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5,890 Ft26,490 Ft


Thousands of years ago, China discovered tea drinking, and everything we know about tea cultivation today comes from China, the country of the high-lying tea-growing region. It is the largest tea producer in the world.

Green tea is made from a plant called Camellia sinensis. Green teas should not be soaked in hot water due to its high vitamin content. Freshly picked leaves are dried and then heat treated to prevent fermentation. At the end of the process, they are cooled, then the leaves are twisted and rolled into their final shape. Tea is rich in minerals and antioxidants. It has beneficial physiological effects such as cancer prevention, strengthens the immune system, prevents cardiovascular disease, lowers cholesterol, stimulates the brain and helps burn fat.

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