Pai Mu Tan – White tea

The production of tea can be traced back to ancient Chinese traditions. The tea leaves retain their original shape, the color of the tea is light yellow, especially tasty and delicate. Yield of the people of Fuding Province. Lightweight long leaves.

Folklore for this tea dates far back into the early Han Dynasty (220 BCE). The ‘White Peony’ is acquired from the Da Hao Cha or the Bai Hao Cha Cultivar. Historically mostly used in medicine and has only gotten popular here about 30 years ago. A delicacy.

It retains its quality for 3 years, in a metal box for even longer!

Preparation: 70-80 ° C and 2 minutes soaking time, maximum 3 minutes and more characteristic taste

Packaging: 100g

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3,490 Ft15,690 Ft

NATURE – White Tea

White tea is characterized by the fact that during the short spring harvest, only new shoots, buds and ends are picked.

Since the oxidation process is stopped quickly just by now, they are slightly fermented.

Its natural antioxidant content is twice that of green tea.

It has a good antibacterial effect and an immune booster, it also prevents infection.

Among the trace elements, white tea has a high content of nickel, chromium, manganese and iron.

White tea also contains tein, so you can increase your concentration accordingly, but it is lower than green tea.

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