Topkapi – Honeybush tea

Honeybush tea spiced with mango pieces, strawberry leaves, orange peel and strawberry pieces.

A colourful fruity blend of lovely honeybush and soft strawberry, paired with a splash of juicy orange! Sweet mango and strawberry pieces round off the harmonious fruit combination.

It retains its quality for 3 years in a metal box for even longer.

Preparation: 100 ° C, 5-8 minutes

Packaging: 100g

Article number: 49396-1 Category: Effects: , ,

3,290 Ft14,790 Ft


Honey bush is a plant related to Rooibos, also living in South Africa, but with a slightly sweeter taste.

Honeybush is made from the shoots of a wild bush in South Africa, and the tea tastes “honey-fruity”. It is rich in minerals (fluorine, calcium, zinc, magnesium, copper manganese). Decaffeinated, slows down physiological aging due to its antioxidant properties. does NOT contain tein. Soothing effect; excellent against insomnia and headaches. It reduces heartburn and stomach cramps in heart problems. It strengthens the immune system and also slows down the aging of the body. It is also recommended for pregnant ladies because of its iron content.

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