Pettiagala – Natural black tea

Unique, thin, wonderfully aromatic scent, light brown with reddish hues, long, pale black leaves characterize the special workmanship. The famous Pettiagalla Garden was founded in 1880 and translates as “box-shaped rock”. The estate got this name because of its location, as it rises above all other plantations in the region from a height of 600-1200m.

It retains its quality for 3 years, in a metal box for even longer!

Preparation: 100 ° C and soaking time of 2 minutes

Packaging: 100g

Article number: 49401-1 Category: Effects: ,

3,190 Ft14,490 Ft

Ceylon / (Sri Lanka) landscape

The sparkling little island nation, the former British colony that was named anno Ceyloni, was famous for its high-quality teas processed by traditional methods. It was once a coffee plantation and since (1867) tea has replaced cultivation.

Black tea has a significant degree of oxidation. During fermentation, the tea leaves are spread out and aerated, so that the tea leaves go through an oxidation process that darkens their color, aromatic substances start up and the characteristic taste of black tea is created. Black tea contains caffeine, which has a positive effect on our physical and mental health. Black tea contains less caffeine than coffee, is absorbed more slowly, so it does not suddenly burden the heart, tannic acid is present in other forms, which makes the physiological effect of tea more favorable.

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