We have launched this natural culture to introduce you to the true healthy taste of real fibrous teas.

Because we love mornings, which sometimes hide sunshine, sometimes fog, sometimes even soot dark. In the morning, still quiet and calm, and only ours.

We love the mornings because it doesn’t matter what the weather is like out there, because we know that delicious, jasmine green tea is inside, or on more special days, soft white tea is waiting for us.

Then the sun rises, life starts, it already rushes, and 2-3 large jugs of fruit tea a day are made into a thermos in winter, in a jug in summer, which the children really love and enjoy. There is always cinnamon plum, pear, strawberry, tropical fruit tea at home, which also includes a few grains of frozen raspberries, mixed berries or strawberries.

Then one day at a time, nothing succeeds at all, only the problems accumulate. This is when I sit down, make a strawberry Oolong tea, and I just admire how wonderful it is as the dried tea leaves unfold and regain their shape, while the sweet smell of strawberries steams up from my glass. An indescribable feeling.

And there’s also the well-known Earl Gray as a grandmother, a real grandmother, characterful, noble, tasteful and carries wisdom. Its decoction is dark, its taste is pronounced. A real supportive tea brew.

They are our daily helpers who throw us in joy, comfort us in trouble, invigorate us while we learn, heal us in illness, and bring us a dream at the end of a day full of worries.

And we dreamed a big one! What if we shared them, our helpers, with you, to bring you harmony, wisdom, serenity, joy into your everyday life and to make your special days memorable.

And then yumma tea came to life, which means that it is a delicious tea, and thus symbolizes the love of tea, which has been proven to be beneficial to health for thousands of years, and whose nutritional value is also outstanding. The love of Tea, which helps us find our true nature back, in addition to which we have a good conversation with which we can offer our friend or even gift a package of love.

And tell me, what’s your story?