Russian-Georgian – Natural black tea

Color Brown-black, delicately twisted is a strong character black tea from the Russian region, which is popular in several countries due to its characteristic taste due to the arable land there. Tea is considered a national drink by the Russians. “Georgia, formerly the Russian name where this mixture originated. In the mid-19th century, Russian tsars built tea plantations in Georgia to avoid high import duties on tea from India and China.

It retains its quality for 3 years in a metal box for even longer

Preparation: 100 ° C and soaking time of 2 minutes

Packaging: 100g

Article number: 49402-1 Category: Effects: ,

2,690 Ft12,090 Ft

Russian tea culture and landscape

Tea continues to be served in modern Russia at most social events and fibrous tea is much more popular in both filters.

Black tea has a significant degree of oxidation. During fermentation, the tea leaves are spread out and aerated, so that the tea leaves go through an oxidation process that darkens their color, aromatic substances start up and the characteristic taste of black tea is created. Black tea contains caffeine, which has a positive effect on our physical and mental health. Black tea contains less caffeine than coffee, is absorbed more slowly, so it does not suddenly burden the heart, tannic acid is present in other forms, which makes the physiological effect of tea more favorable.

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