Tencha – Natural green tea

A dark green tea made in Japan, ground to an upscale powder, for the Japanese tea ceremony. Organic Matcha is a powdered tea made from organic Tencha. Tencha describes the ingredients and is always processed into Matchava as needed. Depending on the quality of the Tencha and the degree of grinding, different grades are produced. Tencha is a shaded Japanese green tea. Tencha is grown like Gyokuro tea. This means that the tea leaves are shaded for about three weeks. That’s why Matcha gets such a bright green color. After harvest, the leaves are steamed and dried for a short time, but unlike most other Japanese teas that are not rolled. Eventually, all stems are removed, leaving only clean leaves.

Tea powder in a small package in the box: 40g.

Preparation: Soluble in water at 70 ° C

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13,990 Ft

MATCHA TEAS – from Japan

Rich in antioxidants, Matcha and amazingly colored tea have become increasingly popular around the world. Green tea, now consumed a thousand years ago, is also called “espresso of teas” because of its refreshing effect and strong raw taste.

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